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Design and Grid Connection Services for Commercial Solar PV Systems 

We are an engineering consultancy who specialise helping solar retailers and developers deliver large commercial PV systems and solar farm projects. We work with you to provide the necessary construction drawings, network approvals and will liaise with the networks on your behalf until your connection application is successful. We  also work with your installers, guiding them through each stage of construction and commissioning processes and provide engineering sign off needed for solar farms in Queensland from in-house RPEQ engineers.  

Understanding the effect that a solar PV system will have on a sites energy consumption and load profile  is key to effective design and creating sustainable solutions for your clients and your business. Fesibility reports analyse a sites energy consumption and put you your clients in a better position to understand the expected return on investment and effectiveness of different PV system designs and energy management solutions.

Understanding the grid connection process will allow you to communicate timelines and potential costs to your clients. CSA will navigate the grid connection process, enabling you with knowledge at the beginning to set  expectations, provide drawings and application management as well as engineering sig-offs from in house Chartered Engineers.


CSAS can perform the necessary testing and commissioning required to complete your compliance assessment reports for commercial solar installations including,

-Test Plans for AS5033 and AS4777 commissioning requirements.

- Injection Testing of Grid Protection Relays

 - Power Quality Monitoring and Reports.

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