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Understanding the effect that a solar PV system will have on a sites energy consumption and load profile  is key to effective design and creating sustainable solutions for your clients and your business. Fesibility reports analyse a sites energy consumption and put you your clients in a better position to understand the expected return on investment and effectiveness of different PV system designs.

We offer 2 options which will give you a better idea of the affect that the solar installation will have on a sites energy consumption and load profile.

For pricing on these services please Contact Us. 


This is a short report, it can show energy offset from the grid and reduction in maximum demand over a 10 year period, with details of each month in the first year.


This is a more detailed report, it will provide the ROI calculation above, but also show graphs of load profiles before/after solar installation in each season, explain why certain things are happening to cause large charges on the Bills and make recommendations on how to specifically target these costs. E.g if maximum demand is costing the most on the bill, the best investment may come from a large battery bank, coupled with a solar farm. See example report available to the right.


As a guide, the following information is required to be provided to CSA for the reports above to be completed. We may require more information to give you the answers you are looking for, so please inquire within for specific information we might need for your project.

  • At least 1 year of 15 minute interval meter data in an excel format (the retailer can provide this)

  • Your proposed solar installation size (kWp) and whether it is,

    • Roof mount – we will need to know orientations, tilts and size of each array

    • Ground mount – we will need to know available space and any shading issues from buildings etc.

  • Proposed Panel datasheet

  • Preferred inverter (if any)

  • Any future changes in load

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