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Our Values

Here at CSA Our passion is project delivery . We do this solving engineering problems using  creative thinking, originality and engineering principles. This allows us to deliver innovative solutions to our clients which are sustainable from an economic, environmental and sociological point of view. We maintain a high level of client satisfaction and benefit to the community through clear and effective communication with our clients, DNSP's and wider community.

Our core values can be broken into,

Personal Commitment to the Profession

 We are committed to provide the best possible solutions that our skill sets allow and to always provide advice in an ethical and responsible manner.

Obligation To our clients and the wider community

to develop safe and sustainable solutions for the community by,

 -Identifying, assessing and managing risks

- Meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

- Actively engaging with clients and where appropriate, relevant community and stakeholders.

- Designing  sustainably - solutions which will provide benefit to clients and the community far into the future from an economic, environmental and sociological point of view. 

Organisation Performance

- Communicate with a wide variety of people in many different ways.

- Apply appropriate performance objectives to suit client needs.

- Take action by planning effectively and show leadership in the execution of projects.

- Be decisive and show sound judgement.

Technical Proficiency

- Apply and advanced theory based understanding of engineering fundamentals to predict the affect of our activities.

- Acquire engineering knowledge that applies to the local area of the project.

- Develop creative and innovative solutions to engineering problems.

- Evaluate the outcomes and impacts of our activities.

Ryan McKercher | MIEAust CPEng NER RPEQ

Ryan is an enthusiastic and motivated electrical engineer with expertise in design, sales and project delivery of Solar PV systems. Currently owner/operator of Complete Solar Automation Solutions.

Ryan has 7 Years experience working in the solar PV industry, spending 2 years in sales and design of Grid connected, hybrid and off grid PV systems at Going Solar. Following this he spent ~2 years at Clean Technology Partners working in the design of grid protection switchboards and completing drawings and application documents for commercial scale Solar PV systems.

He then spent 2 years as a field application engineer at Delta Electronics Australia (Inverter manufacturer), this position included,

  • Communicating Australian solar industry regulations and standards to overseas inverter manufacturers and assessing products for compliance.

  • Working with policy makers such as CEC  and standards committees to produce upcoming technical requirements for rebate programs and standards.

  • Developing Control solutions for solar inverters using Delta Industrial Automation equipment.

While at Delta, Ryan spent time in China and Taiwan overseeing engineering practices and testing for inverters designed for the Australian market. He achieved Chartered status with engineers Australia as an Electrical Engineer in 2020.​

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